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Welcome to Safety Lamp of Houston INC website, suppliers of explosion proof compressed air powered portable flood lamps and spot lamps, Torches, Handlamps, Headlamps and the Wolf Safety Lamp complete range of industry leading safety lights. We have lighting products for all purposes, the correct apparatus for every hazardous area and application.

Our Wolf range of safety lamps have proven safety, quality and reliability in their wide use within many industrial sectors including firefighting, oil, gas, petrochemicals, aviation, marine, offshore, pharmaceuticals, water treatment and mining etc. 

Safe, Reliable Lighting uses:

Lighting solutions for use in wet and explosive environments and hazardous areas, including flameproof EX rated torches and flashlights perfect for the Fire & Rescue services. Approved portable flood lamps powered by air for use in Marine Tanker Fleets, Fuel Terminals, Tank Cleaning & Coating, Underwater Salvage, Ammunition Storage areas, Paint Shops, Aircraft Hangers, Ship Fuel Storage areas, Construction sites, General Shipyard use, underground lighting, coal bunkers, Aircraft inspection and repair, Ship builders and Ship yards, sandblasting, emergency lighting, mining and tunneling, shaft sinking and paper mills, sewer and wastewater.

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